Layaway Policy

Disegnco LLC offers customers an easy and convenient layaway option.

The Standard applied Layaway terms are 20% down and offer customers two (2) months to fully pay off the item.

Additional terms can be considered if a customer is interested. These requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us to explore other layaway terms.

The customer is not required to make any set payments through the duration of the two (2) months, but the item MUST be paid off prior to the end of the two (2) month period.

For example, a customer purchases an item for $1000.00 on 1/1/2022. The customer is required to place the initial 20% deposit ($200.00). The customer has until 3/1/2022 to fully pay off the item, which is (2) months. The customer can make small payments throughout the two (2) month period, or they may pay the balance at the end of the two (2) months.

If ANY CUSTOMER FAILS to fully pay off their purchase by the required time, they will FORFIET 10% of their deposit for a restocking fee. The REMAINING 10% will be refunded.

We will try to work with our customers who chose our layaway program. Please communicate any concerns or issues with us and we will try to accommodate you.